Why Wrap Your Vehicle?

You may have heard about vehicle wraps and wondered why someone would want to wrap their vehicle in adhesive vinyl.

Why not paint it, apply decals, or even just leave it as-is?

All of those are options, but when you consider all the advantages of a professionally installed vehicle wrap, it wins hands down every time.

A custom paint job was once the gold standard of auto enthusiasts everywhere because they can provide a one-of-a-kind appearance. But they are expensive, time consuming, and a single piece of gravel hurtling down the highway can ruin your beloved creation.

Vinyl wraps, on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive because the design is printed right onto the vinyl. No airbrushing skills are required. And they can usually be installed in a day or less. Best of all, they are durable. Manufactured from a heavy-duty outdoor-rated vinyl by 3M, they can take a beating. Even if they do get nicked, scraped, or even keyed up by your crazy ex-girlfriend, the panel that was damaged is all that needs to be replaced.

A custom paint job can hurt the resale value of your vehicle. You may fall in love with your crazy paint-swirl paint job, but it’s doubtful that a potential buy will.


A vehicle wrap can give you exactly the appearance you want, and when it time to sell your vehicle, it can be removed and the factory appearance restored.

Speaking of factory appearance, a vehicle wrap will protect your paint from dings and scrapes, ensuring a higher resale value when you sell or trade in your vehicle.