How do Vehicle Wraps Compare to Other Marketing Channels?

Vehicle wraps are one of the hottest new trends in marketing. When compared to other marketing channels, they are one of the few mediums that can lay claim to reaching 95 percent of a local audience. However, when it comes to advertising, vehicle wraps are grossly underutilized.

Regardless of whether you run a fleet of dozens of vehicles or just one, a well-designed vehicle wrap is a cost-effective marketing channel that works 24/7 as a mobile billboards to create brand awareness and drive sales. (It’s important to do your homework though. Instead of just cutting a check to the first one that tells you what you want to hear, review local vehicle wrap companies before making a decision.)

When stacked up against other forms of outdoor advertising, like billboards and signs, which are stationary, vehicle wraps can boost name recognition up to 1,500 percent.

Consider these ways that vehicle wraps compare to other marketing channels:


The visual nature of vehicle wraps is what makes the medium so successful, as compared to TV, radio and print.

Several years ago, 3M conducted a 90-day study into the effectiveness of vehicle wraps in San Francisco, California. The study showed just one truck could generate over 15 million visual impressions in one year.

Now consider the numbers of potential customers you would reach if you have multiple vehicles all generating that type of name recognition for your business.


Effectiveness is directly related to cost when it comes to advertising.

Savvy business owners know that in order for their business to grow and prosper, especially in a tough economy, they have to be willing to invest in marketing to keep their name and message in front of their customers.

Vehicle marketing will reach more consumers than even the most costly marketing channel, like television, but at less than 1/20th the cost. Research shows TV ads are the most expensive type of advertising, costing roughly $17.78 per thousand impressions, whereas vehicle wraps beat every other form of marketing at just $0.77 per every thousand impression.

Positive Consumer Impression

The appearance of your vehicle says a lot about your company.

Unlike traditional ad channels, vehicle displaying visually-appealing graphics sends a favorable message to consumers. That study also showed a staggering 98 percent of consumers who were surveyed felt vehicle wraps provided a positive impression of the business and 97 percent of people seeing one remembered the business.

Additionally, 80 percent of people are able to remember information like a web address after seeing the vehicle wrap just once!

Local and Mobile

While vehicle wraps permit targeting of a local audience better than any other marketing channel, vehicle wraps are a moving billboard, having the freedom to go anywhere you need to be to target your demographic. This includes temporary, but high-traffic, places like trade shows, conventions and fairs. Also, as mobile message your vehicle is never in the same place, so consumers are far less likely to tune out the message.


Barring damage, a well-made vehicle wrap has a typical lifespan of seven years.

3M states the expected life of their wraps is up to 10 years and guarantees their vehicle wraps for up to five years. Considering that an article in the LA Times reported most people will keep their vehicle for an average of six years, a vehicle wrap will typically last for the serviceable life of the vehicle.

Additionally, when it comes time to sell the vehicle, the wrap comes off with no damage to the paint, that has actually been protected by the wrap, increasing the resale value of the vehicle. See if TV, radio or print can do that!