Vehicle Wraps Create a Truly Custom Look

In an effort to enhance the appearance of their ride, many car enthusiasts opt to get a custom paint job. Unfortunately, a custom paint job is often very expensive. If the exterior finish becomes damaged, the car owner may be forced to spend even more money. A vehicle wrap may prove to be a much more cost-effective option. Here are some of the key benefits of vehicle wraps.

Protects the Paint Job

One of the best attributes of a vehicle wrap is that it protects the underlying paint. Not only will the wrap minimize the effects of sun exposure, but it will also help to safeguard the exterior finish against scratches and chips. This extra layer of protection certainly helps to preserve the resell value of the vehicle. The preciseness of vehicle wrapping makes it almost indistinguishable from a custom paint job.


Aside from the cost of the custom paint, the labor fees to actually paint a vehicle can exceed $3,000. Before the paint job can be initiated, the body must first be prepped. The prepping process typically involves sanding, masking, and applying a coat of primer. Due to the simplicity of vinyl wrapping, the total cost will be much more manageable.

Quicker to Install

The installation of a vehicle wrap is much faster than a custom paint job. In most instances, the install can be completed in only a day’s time. After the car owner decides on their preferred design concept, a specialized machine will be programmed to produce a laminate sheet. The installer will then be able to finish the project.

Easy to Remove

Unlike a custom paint job, a vehicle wrap can be easily removed at any time. This is an important factor for the drivers who decide to sell their vehicle in the future. If the car owner wishes to install a different type of wrap, the old wrap can simply be peeled off by a professional installer.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Perhaps the best advantage of vehicle wrapping is that it enhances the curb appeal of your car, truck, or motorcycle. Whether you are competing for a trophy at a car show or just cruising down the street, the customized vehicle wrap is destined to turn a few heads.