Will a Vehicle Wrap Damage my Paint?

If you’re anything like me, you tend to baby your vehicle. You spend a great deal of time and thought making sure that it’s kept in pristine condition. When considering a vehicle wrap, it only makes sense to consider the potential damage to the paint job that might occur. I’m happy to share that a vehicle wrap will not damage your baby’s paint.

As long as your paint is in good condition (i.e. not chipping off,) it will be fine. Vehicles that have paint peeling or chipping off are not good candidates for a vehicle wrap, as the damaged paint will peel off upon removal of the wrap. On a well maintained vehicle, a vehicle wrap will actually protect the paint job. Wraps offer protection from environmental elements such as damaging rays from the sun and dust and debris that are inherent with any kind of commute. Vinyl vehicle wraps adhere to the vehicle on top of the existing paint job. Wraps are not permanent and most will last several years. When it is time for removal, they simply peel right off.

Vehicle wraps should be applied when the car is free of dirt, dust, sand and any kind of wax or residue. A clean surface will result in an optimal adhesion of the wrap. Wraps don’t adhere as well to trim pieces; they do best when applied directly over a factory done paint job.

Vehicle wraps have become increasingly popular as an effective form of advertising. Businesses have noted an increase in customers and overall business when they have wrapped vehicles on the road. A well designed wrap will catch potential customers eyes and direct them to your business. Some vehicle wrap aficionados use the wrap as a way to express themselves, adding color and design to their vehicle.

Now you can rest easy knowing that you can add the vehicle wrap that you’ve had your eye on. Your car will be protected, the paint will not be damaged and you’ll be riding in style. Vehicle wraps are made of top of the line materials and are designed to last and protect, all while providing amazing visual results.