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In our effort to support every customer and to ultimately provide unmatched quality and consistency in every wrap, we recommend following as closely to the 3M's guidelines as possible. This link outlines the ideal circumstances for printing time, outgasing practices, lamination techniques, and wrap environment. Following these steps are sure to improve the overall wrapping experience for all all parties involved... Especially your customers!
3M Guidelines


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By checking here you are agreeing to a $50/hr charge in the event that The Wrap Wizard has to clean the vehicle. The vehicles surface should be free of debris, moisture, adhesives and any other blemishes that may inhibit the ability to wrap it. You are also agreeing to a $50/hr charge in the even that The Wrap Wizard has to spend time waiting due to any other factor that cause a delay to the agreed upon start time. Checking here constitutes a formal agreement with The Wrap Wizard, LLC. By checking here you are also agreeing to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.


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