Carbon Fiber Wraps in Tampa

Carbon Fiber WrapsIf you’ve ever lusted over the unique appearance of carbon fiber, but cringed at the price, there is good news; our certified installers can apply a heavy-duty vinyl manufactured by 3M that looks just like real carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike carbon fiber, which is time-consuming and expensive to install, a wrap can be installed in one or two days and costs about the same as a standard paint job. Our installers will precisely trim and then apply the pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl to your vehicle for a durable, long-lasting customized appearance.

Now your car, truck, or boat can sport the same look that previously adorned only the most expensive vehicles. Even owners of exotic vehicles are taking advantage of carbon fiber wraps because they provide complete customization without adversely affecting future resale value. If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, you can simply bring it to us to have the wrap removed by our professional installers.

Interested in having a carbon fiber wrap installed on your vehicle? Give us a call at 813-868-7683 or contact us online today.