5 Reasons Car Wraps Beat Custom Paint Jobs

Every car enthusiast loves to have the most unique vehicle on the road, and while we can’t all afford a Lotus Elise made completely from carbon fiber, we can have our existing car customized to turn heads and suit our own personality.

In the past, this usually meant an expensive paint job—often with custom airbrushed graphics. That consumed massive quantities of time and money if you could even find someone capable of doing the job in the first place.

Today, you can achieve the same results at a fraction of the cost and time with car wraps, and qualified designers and installers can be found in nearly every town. Technology has enabled talented designers to produce beautiful digital artwork, which is then printed on a heavy-duty 3M vinyl capable of withstanding years of abuse from the road and weather.


A high-quality paint job can cost a few thousand dollars, and if you want custom graphics airbrushed by a specialist, your price tag can easily climb above $10,000. A high-quality car wrap generally costs about $3,000—and that includes completely custom graphics.


If you’ve ever had your car painted, you know it can take a long time—often 2 weeks or more—because of disassembly, sanding, prep work, paint and clear coat application, a second round of sanding, and reassembly. Paintjobs including two (or more) colors, or custom airbrushed graphics take even longer. Can you afford to be without your car that long?

Car wraps are designed on a computer, so you’ll get to keep yours throughout that process, and the installation typically takes about one day so you’ll be back behind the wheel in your newly customized car in virtually no time.


One pebble kicked back from the tires of a car in front of you can scar a custom paint job in a fraction of a second, leaving you with nothing more than a memory of how gorgeous your car used to be. The 3M vinyl used for car wraps tends to withstand such abuse. Plus, it resists fading and oxidation.

Even if your wrap does get damaged, repairing it a simple matter of having the vinyl for that section reprinted and reinstalled—usually under $300 and less than an hour out of your day.

Resale value

Face it—you’re not going to own the same car forever and when the time comes to sell it, you want to appeal to the largest market. A custom paint job limits your options to the car enthusiast market—more specifically, those who also share your exact style. That’s a pretty small pool of potential buyers. On the other hand, you can remove a car wrap in about an hour, returning it to its factory appearance and the paint will look just as good as the day you had the wrap installed because it has been protected by the vinyl.

Easy maintenance

The 3M vinyl used in car wraps is the same material used on billboards with the added protection of a transparent laminate that adds another layer of protections and blocks UV rays. Unlike with paint, you will never have to wax again! All it takes to restore that “brand new” appearance is a simple wash with soap and water, and they’re even durable enough to handle today’s touchless car washes.

Car wraps are the clear winner!

The benefits of car wraps make them superior to custom paint jobs in many ways, and you can even utilize specialty materials with matte, carbon fiber, chrome, and other unique finishes.

If you’re interested in transforming your vehicle from a boring, factory appearance, to something that turns heads with a custom car wrap, get in touch with us and we’ll direct you to an installer in your area.